Okay is this really necessary? For you to be *this* rude when i’ve repeatedly told you i didn’t steal your ideas? 

"i’m gonna change it as soon as possible. no worries, kay?" sure you are? you obviously don’t care who you copy, you just steal ideas. you did know there was a littleseddiethings blog, as you follow one of the owners and speak to them, and they told you about the little seddiethingsblog. you’ve copied the url AND the title, without any care. you’re just going to make it seem like we’ve copied you. and btw, idc if this sounds hurtful, it’s supposed to be cos you’ve pissed me off:-).

What makes you think i obviously dont care? Because i’ve been trying for the past couple of days to find out how to possibly fucking change my url just to make you and your little blog happy. it’s why i havent been posting anything. i even have a couple friends who can back me up on this because they’ve been trying to help me - hence the reason i’m posting this in public. I dont understand why you would get hate since you clearly did nothing wrong. and no one from their blog talks to me. now you’re just talking shit. I’m a nice girl and i try to not be a bully via internet, but now you’re just being completely rude and immature.


and wow. okay. like, i don’t even get you.

go re-read my last post, which appearently everyone has read except for you, then get back to me.

I got a couple hurtful messages in my other account telling me I was a bad person for ‘copying’ little-seddie-things’ blog. Well hear me out.  

 I want to start off by saying I honestly had no clue at all that there was already a ‘littleseddiethings’ blog. if i knew there was, there would honestly have been no point whatsoever for me to think I should start one because the main reason I made one was so there could be one. I even asked people if it was a good idea to make one and they agree it was, nobody pointed out to me that one already had exsisted. I was even going to make a littlejathanthings that I was going to start tonightt (you can see that post a couple hours back). So being completely serious, i had no idea AT ALL that there was already one out there. I’m not low like that. I don’t know if you know me that well, but one thing you should know is that i’m not selfish and ignorant. If you want, I could go delete it right now. That wont be a problem for me. Though it’s a fun little page working with, and it means so much for you to have me remove it, I will. i’m sincerely sorry.

But I feel like I deserve an apology, also. I don’t think it’s necessarily right of you to simply conclude that i had ‘copied’ you and your friend’s blog without you even talking to me in the first place- especially since i didn’t know such blog had exsistence. That was a bit hurtful, spicifically with that tone. :/

what are some things that remind you guys of seddie?  

(: words, moments, things…

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